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Artist Highlight | August 2021


also known as comic artists, Scott Hensel & Caroline Smith! They're a rad art-making duo based out of Greenville, South Carolina. Under Percydewd, Hensel and Smith combine their efforts on making merch & zines to take on the road whenever the heck zine festivals are happening. Both artists exhibit a variety of traditional and digital know-hows in art-making, and they're absolutely charming at tabling events. 

I recall meeting them at FLUKE Festival in Athens and then again at Charleston Zine Fest, and I have always admired their commitment to going on zine fest tours. I feel like their comics reflect that commitment too because, while their styles are different, you can't help but fall in love with their work. A true labor of love...of making and sharing. And that's something I can relate to, so, here is the Percydewd team individually: 

Monstieur (Scott Hensel)

Hensel makes funny diary comics and comic comics. With a combination of puns, punks, and puking cats, Scott's comics evoke the fond memory of Sunday funnies without having to wait until Sunday to read them. 

In his printed zines and comics, you'll find a variety of diary comics, short stories, and the occasional word jumble because who doesn't like a zine you can participate in? Hensel's latest releases include Muscle Memory, a massive collection of diary comics, Down & Out in Bonetown, and Indie & Other Stories of Adventure both featuring recurring characters, Wild Al and Jesse. 

Be sure to check out Hensel's work if you want a good, relatable chuckle, or a fun and unique story. 

Diary Comic by Hensel

Monk Comics (Caroline Smith)

Smith delivers a wide range of art varying from diary comics, to word art, character art, and illustrations. Smith's autobiographical work is incredibly relatable for those who've lived with anxiety and depression, which can be seen in such works by Smith including Ketamine and Anxious Child. What I appreciate about her work is that she is great at illustrating feelings that might be abstract to those who have not had similar experiences. 

On the other hand, you can read Three Years of Monk for diary comics that follow her life with Hensel and their two cats, or Drifting, for a science-fiction story. 

Page from Drifting by Smith

I will disclose that I'm unfair as an author here because I just love seeing couples that share a creative outlet and how different their work can be from each others. BUT! That should not stop y'all from following them on Instagram and supporting them by buying their work from their shop. 

And once safe(r) zine festivals start happening, be sure to check your local fest - maybe Percydewd will be there!