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Artist Highlight | July 2021

Reneesha Mccoy

Above You. 8 x 10, mixed media on cotton paper.

Reneesha, also known as @rnwulf on Instagram, is a contemporary self-taught artist based in North Carolina. When I look at her abstract explorations of maternity shows I feel as if I'm seeing the idea of female in pure, yet raw forms. Though I have not experienced maternity myself, I am reminded of the early fertility statues and drawings and the essence those figures elicit. Reneesha's paintings beautifully capture the struggles the body endures in its survival, sustenance, and creation of life, but especially the wonders of the human form.

Her use of color, shape, line, and texture remind me of a lot of the work by Abstract Expressionists, such as Norman Lewis and Willem de Kooning's more representational works.

You can support Reneesha's work by donating to her on paypal or purchasing her paintings.

Logan Hanning

Our Spirits Will Never Be Stomped Out

Logan, also known as @plantkidarts on Instagram, is an illustrator based in the UK. Currently, they're working on illustrating a children's book and they're the co-creator of Sandpiper Collection

I'm always fascinated by illustrations and I think it's very easy to see a lot of overlapping styles in this field of art because of it's history with the media industry. What makes an illustrator stand out is how they can communicate ideas through their images and how they construct their images.

Logan's work shows strong observational art skills, a great command of color, and a sense of harmony. I also really appreciate digital artists who give their work such a painterly quality that they don't look like digital productions. Aside from their charming characters and illustrations, I love the positivity and honest messages in their sketchbook comics.

You can support Logan by visiting their patreon or buying them a coffee