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Artist Highlight | June 2021

Artist Highlight

Wow, okay - this is going to be a new thing we try out and see how it goes. I'm your blog host, Abby aka Mild Pain, and I'm going to keep things informal and loose. Blogs are just like the podcasts of yore anyway. 

Keep It Weird is about building community. As much as I like sharing and seeing art on Instagram, I want to start taking more time to share why I enjoy artists and what it is about their work that I like.

So that's what I'm hoping to do with this blog here. I'll try to highlight 2-3 artists (from all mediums) each month and see where it goes.

Nate Mullet

“Welcome to the Dream”, 24” x 36”

I met Nate during my undergraduate years at UGA studying art. He is a visual artist currently back at UGA completing their art program.

What I have always loved about his work is the vast range of technical skills he utilizes while never fearing to create imagery that he enjoys. 

Ranging from highly detailed portraiture to outrageous cartooning and gestures, Nate makes excellent use of observation, shape, form, and line to create well-balanced images that you just want to dive into while also being to take a few steps back and see the work as a whole. Whether it's a large series of Pokemon, word art, or a combination of shapes - you can tell that Nate has a solid command over the elements and principles of design while still having fun. 

And that, to me, is what makes art interesting at all - is when you have fun with it. 

22”x30”, white charcoal on black paper

Holly McIntosh

 Holly is a comic artist and illustrator based in Bristol, UK working in traditional and digital mediums. Their latest project is a comic featuring a character named Annie who is remembering her late relationship with her ex, Pete, after seeing a picture of him with his new girlfriend. 

What I love about this comic in general is the use of color to delineate the timeline in the narrative. The panels are a rosy pink when we look into Annie's memories of being with Pete - kind of like looking through rose colored glasses. And in the present moment, everything is in black and white - the cold harsh faces of reality or maybe it is reflective of Annie's internal feelings. 

Also, Holly has a wonderful use of motion in her panels. I really enjoy the moments where we watch Annie run from one scene to the next. What more can I say? Great cartoony emotions captured in the faces, the build up and delivery between panels is timed well, and the backgrounds are just gorgeous. 

 Comic Panel from Part 30, @holly_does_drawings



That's all I'm going to say for now. I'll try and keep this going monthly and next time try to include a few more artists in the highlights. If you're reading this, then thank you for making it to the end. 

Until next time,