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Our Artists

Abby Kacen @mild_pain

Founder of Keep It Weird. Abby is a cartoonist, illustrator, and mixed media artist in Athens, GA. Her work is influenced by garage rock & punk shows, music posters, and comic books. She has a BFA in Visual Storytelling and an MA in Nonprofit Management & Leadership. Currently, Abby is working for a few nonprofits and has just self-published her first long-format comic, Sid & the Sickos with more comics to follow


Ness Ilene Garza @badhandscomics

Ness has been drawing memoir comics since 2015. Her comics vary from working in an Amazon warehouse to the mundane daily tasks of life like walking her dogs. Ness is working towards a Masters in Comics at CCA. 

Website: nessilenegarza.com


Vik Hart @vik.art

Vik is an illustrator based out of Charleston SC. His work is really interested in the idea of nostalgia and lore and how that can be related to art. He mostly enjoys making cool stuff and hopes you think it's cool too.

Check out more of his work here:
Or contact him at: vikhart.art@gmail.com


Grace Allison Perkins @what_up_g_perks

Grace Allison Perkins is an artist from central Texas who aims to normalize positive queer narratives in comics and other forms of media. She believes it is important to write stories that people can connect with regardless of their sexuality, gender, race, ethnic background, or economic status. Grace enjoys celebrating love with a goal to share representations of queer relationships that emphasize intimacy and companionship without the use of harmful tropes or stereotypes. "Love is love and we are worthy of love!" 

Instagram: what_up_g_perks


Peter Reitz @morningrises

Peter Reitz is a visual artist residing in Athens, GA since 2004. He also leads Tritonis Games, his independent tabletop roleplaying game brand. His work primarily involves illustration, character design, and portraiture. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Education (Secondary English) from UGA. Peter is most often inspired by Greek myth, the fae, angelology, Southern Gothic literature, and the queer experience. If he isn't busy with gaming or art, he's probably baking or cooking.

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Abby deSchits @littlehouseworks

Hi, I’m Abby! I’m a local Athens visual artist. I work mainly in drawings and paintings. I, like many others, use art as an outlet to work through personal struggles. A lot of my work is about identity or spaces I find myself in physically or mentally. The repetitive natures in my work help me calm my mind and are meditative processes. I love making art for
other human beings as well and am almost always open for commissions.

Feel free to look at more of my work or contact me @littlehouseworks on Instagram.

Tori Holder @thattorih

Tori Holder is a comix zinester of LA. Her work is mostly autobiographical and focuses on the beautiful mundanities of everyday life.

Website: https://www.toriholder.com

Virginia Paine @milkbootscomix

Virginia Paine (she/they) is a cartoonist and illustrator in Milwaukee, WI. Virginia has a BA in History and has been writing and drawing their whole life. Their work has appeared in Sadie Magazine, Indie Ladies Anthology, Brad Trip Anthology, Little Heart Anthology, Big Feminist But Anthology, Bitch Magazine, ZEAL and Fanbyte. They are currently working on Future Proof, a queer sci-fi comic about a fuck up who accidentally triggers the galactic apocalypse.

Website: https://www.virginiapaine.com
Patreon: milkybootscomics

Anna Leckie @annaleckieart 

Anna Leckie is a contemporary artist that focuses on colorful surrealist elements in her paintings which she completes using acrylic and oil as well as digitally. She specializes in portraiture, animal art, and layered pieces with different mediums. She loves exploring deep psychological themes while incorporating macabre and natural elements. 

Website: https://www.annaleckieart.com

Sam Watson @sam.j.watson

Sam is an Athens born artist, and a recent graduate from Virginia Commonwealth University with a BFA in Communication Arts. She is passionate about children’s book illustration and producing fun and vibrant work for a mind of any age. She aims to stimulate viewers as well as create a safe and inclusive visual environment for them to learn and discover.

Website: https://www.samwatsonillustrator.com